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Through my lens for learning it seems to me that the greatest of these is F R E E, Happy Love Season!! As for me + my house \\\ we are still trotting the course and discovering meaning for that. WinterWithWimberly has been fairly warm + so far snow free and beach free too … a little different for me but I cannot complain. See us below.

love is kind + love gives

On Valentine’s Day, I experienced exuberant enjoyment of life (All E’s) with a beautiful bunch representing the Royal Adult Day community. Royal Adult Day Services offers evidence-based group interventions for persons with mild to moderate dementia. It was refreshing to meet + greet + create crafts representing love with the ladies (and one gentlemen) in red. There’s Something special to witness the working innocence that takes place in the presence of children and the veterans of life. Together, we shared love and therapy through music and cognitive processes. From my learning perspective \\\ it seems that doing life with dementia is delicate + dainty. See how love kindly gives below.

love is free

Accepting free time is my spice in life and it brings me great energy. Time reminds me of the journey and titles remind me of my timeline + hopes and goals for the future. I still believe the children are our future and learning to love yourself \\\ it is The Greatest Love of All. WinterWithWimberly has provided more space to learn life and unbox concepts that are professional, personal, and sometimes both. I have discovered that Teachers Teach + Teachers Learn Too - and its a very normal thing. I am expecting to discover more through Cognitive Stimulation Therapy trainings and I look forward to future opportunities to assist the beautiful bunch representing Royal Adult Day.

Lovely Lady Dorothy \\ my funny Valentine \\ royally captured on Valentine’s Day 2019

Lovely Lady Dorothy \\ my funny Valentine \\ royally captured on Valentine’s Day 2019

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