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Its Belle - to admit + accept + act || Its BelleForever || and “I have a dream..” to A.I.M for all E’s. That means - to embrace my blackness + my blues; to express exuberant enjoyment of life; and to evolve with time.

Timing is everything.

“What is Your Life’s Blueprint?” || click here + listen

“What is Your Life’s Blueprint?” || click here + listen

::: admit + embrace :::

I have decided that I will steady my course .. and discovering meaning for that. Towards the end of 2017, I accepted the fact that I have no idea how this life thing works. I started to admit - what I don’t know; and act - as if I want to know + have learned. Socially, I expressed it as ‘Triple A’ - Admit || Accept || Act .. simple math + the formula that I have put into practice. Through my seasons I have realized many of my dreams in public and private. Literal dreams and plans for my future have come true over time but not always. “The courage to dream…” is why I sincerely appreciate Dr. King for his ambition and dedication to the work. It takes Something special to act on dreams and even more to dream an inclusive dream for free. Daddy always used to say \\ ain’t no such thing as free \\ and so far everything has come to me with a price. While I would never pretend to own much, I have learned how to accept ownership for my life in every way \\ something I could hardly imagine before. I have realized many of my dreams in public and private and I have decided to steady my course. Naturally (and obviously) I can admit my blackness and \\ through the gift of time \\ I have learned how to embrace my blues.

“I have no idea” || April in January || captured by Streeter Optics Photography

“I have no idea” || April in January || captured by Streeter Optics Photography

They said, “ sometimes the uproar of life is a natural result of choosing sin or selfishness; but just as often it is not.” The operating word that moved me is “choosing”, because as much as I love to choose \\ I recognize there are details of my story that have happened very naturally. Its in the details - highlighting my blackness and solidifying my blues.

::: accept + express :::

The uncomfortable advantage for me now is that I don’t know. I can remember my dreams and I have a learned a little about a lot of things … but when it comes to life here + now \\ I choose joie de vivre - exuberant enjoyment of life and so far, Its Belle!

In the process of life we are guaranteed just two days - the day we are born and the day we meet death. Last year and all of her seasons, escorted me on a first class flight with death (again) … and confirmed that one day would be my ‘Day One’ in real life lessons. Through my lens for learning \\ I am able to recognize that my lessons are as simple as answering my own questions, deciding for self, and moving forward regardless of the situation or circumstance.

::: act + evolve :::

Act trained and qualified - fit for teaching + reading + living + dreaming too. Growing up American in America, I have always heard of dreams presented in many different ways. Some say we are too broke to dream \ chase dreams \ live dreams \ or even dream more dreams. I think its more important to decide what is the truth and always believe in that. My 2019 strategy is to embrace + express + evolve \\ beyond my wildest dreams + actively pursuing the dreams of my original dream team.

SpringSincerely ||| April J. Wimberly

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