a season of separation | a season of success

being accountable :

Summer came + went when I realized how long its been since I’ve had to set my alarm clock ... I thought about my former morning routine - waking up, mad with my alarm for going off just as it had been set to do. Becoming comfortable with this sense of freedom + using my time for planning \\ since taking advantage of the GOOD opportunity to travel, is one way to avoid actual tasks at hand \\

My plans were - to collect my next stamp in Barbados + figure the rest from there ... but Something told me to cancel that. Instead, it was necessary for me to consider my future + space + the biggest deal for me in this life - me here + me now.

being intentional :

Stepping away from /home/ to travel usually makes me nervous, because taking care of home has been a chore for me to learn ... but this time was slightly different  \\ I didn't feel no ways \\

The end of summer + beginning of fall - it felt GOOD visiting Orlando, seeing my sister in San Fransisco - a new place within the states for me, and One Fest + being in Atlanta again .. was it. \\ Forever.i.Love.Altanta \\ Something happened again, in Atlanta.

mastering mindfulness:

As the saying goes \\third times a charm\\ Moving with time, I find myself getting settled + acquainted in another town away from /home/ This third town … seems quite charming! Overall, I believe it is a good fit for me here + me now.  Forever thankful for a safe space + comfort. Excited to engage + explore. Ready for everything new + everything on the way! Forever thankful for Something always + all ways.

SpringSincerely ||| BelleForever

ready for boiling | freshly separated | from Mr. Michael’s Garden | Trinidad, 2018 |

ready for boiling | freshly separated | from Mr. Michael’s Garden | Trinidad, 2018 |