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April J.

my favorite; the name I will proudly respond to; it constantly and consistently rings true when describing me. Within the family I am the youngest sister, aunt + friend to few. Since 2006, I have been afforded many opportunities to work + function as Ms. Wimberly - the classroom teacher, teacher ambassador, mentor ….. and another number in the league of GREAT educators. I believe the children are our future / still.


Yielding | Yearning | Yelling | Yolk | Yellow is bright | Yellow is light | Living . in . The . Yellow | Museum of Ice Cream, 2018 | #StayLIT

Yielding | Yearning | Yelling | Yolk | Yellow is bright | Yellow is light | Living . in . The . Yellow | Museum of Ice Cream, 2018 | #StayLIT


:: ADMIT ::

things have changed over time, so I started strippin’.  BUT not in the traditional sense - I became stripped of labels + all titles. To be stripped of armor is how I like to describe my transition. June 27th, 2017 - the exact date I decided to take a break from teaching. Summer of Discovery - were my initial plans … even penned a short list of life requests as follows -

  • What makes me happy?

  • What are my true desires?

  • Let me be on time, but on purpose.

Moving with purpose /still/ and for the first time since the last time - I am simply - April J., a life-long learner + experienced in the areas of | re/Joyce’n | and traveling.

The SummerOfDiscovery is now SeasonsOfDiscovery since time has naturally progressed. In fact, of all the highlights to share it is the time - as presented here - that will remain the independent variable.

Timing is everything.


:: ACCEPT ::

life changes - a requirement for learning. I am forever grateful for the added values, lessons and experiences my adult life has offered. My time is everything. It brings me GREAT joy to take my time. Accepting FREE time, that is my energy and Joie de vivre.


:: ACT ::

willing to go, learning to share the joy and the journey

/ Visionary /

trained and qualified - fit for teaching

to engage, to inspire, to be inspired

/ Writer /

reflecting and refocusing my expectations within the world wide realm of education

/ Highly Qualified Educator /

authentically relating to people

/ Engaging /

providing the safe space to share the JOY and the journey

/ Building /